The guiding mission of the McKinley “Deacon” Davis CHANCE Program is to identify, recruit, admit and assist students who show promise for succeeding in college despite limited preparation and resources.

CHANCE services include:

  • Individual and group academic, personal and career counseling.
  • Financial aid counseling and follow-up process.
  • Academic monitoring and follow-up throughout the student's undergraduate career.
  • Tutorial assistance for courses.
  • Academic skills-enhancement courses.
  • Introductory university transition skills-building course taught by a counselor.
  • Peer mentoring for freshmen and transfer students.
  • Exit counseling services for students withdrawing or transferring from NIU.

Contact Us

McKinley "Deacon" Davis CHANCE Program
Campus Life Building 240
815-753-1929 (fax)
800-892-3050 #3 (toll free)